Do I Have to Pay Task Force to Find a Job?

Do I Have to Pay Task Force? Answering a Commonly Asked Question

Finding a job can be incredibly difficult in this market. If you are just beginning your job search and have found Task Force, you may be asking if you need to pay for our services.

Who Uses Task Force and Staffing Agencies?
Canadians, residents, immigrants and students are always on the search for jobs. Whether you need a new job, are just entering the workforce, or are re-entering the workforce, you may need assistance in getting the job.

As a staffing agency, we help job seekers and employers in the Guelph area to find the work they are looking for.

Task Force is Free to Use For Job Seekers
A common misconception is that a job seeker must pay for a staffing agency’s services. But…if you don’t have a job, you shouldn’t be paying to get one! Truthfully, a job seeker doesn’t need to give Task Force a cent because…

It is actually the employers that are paying to find YOU! That’s right. YOU!

Employers trust us to help find the right employees for the job. They give us the skill sets they’re looking for and we bring you the information.

Joining Task Force in Guelph
At Task Force, we’ll spend time with you to learn about your skills, interests and references. We will work together to find you a job. Once you are a registered Task Force user, you can apply to jobs and search the listed opportunities.

The pay rate that is listed on each job posting, is exactly the money you’ll be receiving!

In a market where jobs are harder to come by, coming to an agency like Task Force is a great opportunity to get you into a job you enjoy.

If you know someone who could use a little boost in the job search, let them know that Task Force will help them on their way to the working world!

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