Life at Task Force !

I always sit here when its “update your post” time and wonder what clever thing can I say now ? You walk in to our office on any given day and Andy is tucked in his office in the back with his visor on paying our amazing employees, our bills and making sure the government is happy. He is the “go to for everything” the good, the bad and everything in between. Kyle is on the phone, on his computer, greeting everyone coming in the door, handing out cheques, and offering jobs to those that are a fit for all the amazing customers we have. Its not often he sits, he keeps those interview rooms busy and organized and we have folks in and out like a well oiled watch. (Is that how you say it) ? Then, there is me, Lisa. Hey. Here I sit.. trying to be creative. Updating Google, our website, and providing comic relief when it calls for it. I can do your record of employment and your T4. I’ll find the admin people, the tradespeople, the engineers, the computer geeks and your accounting group. The ones I enjoy are the ones I have never had before. Thats it, come in.. and that’s what you will see. Us 3.. Andy the Owner, Lisa the Owner/Ops Manager and Kyle the Account Guy. We would be happy to meet you and either find your fit.. either in a position, or, in your company.

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