Small but mighty ! :-)

Ohhh.. apparently my last post didn’t go over too well ! Thank you to those “4” people that looked at it ! 🙂 I’m a huge facebook fan, I think it’s a great tool for increasing business (although, I don’t use it enough for that). Today I noticed a few ads from the bigger competition agencies here. I’m afraid I can’t refer you to our “Kitchener” office, we don’t have one. I can’t refer you to our “Cambridge” office as we don’t have one of those either. What we do have is Guelph. What we do have is an office downtown Guelph, locally owned by me and my partner Andy. We aren’t franchise, we are who we are, and we do what we say we will. So, there you go, office in Guelph, work in Guelph and us, in Guelph !

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